Our ambition: to make the trading of industrial raw materials more virtuous

... By proposing new sourcing methods that favor the use of dormant stocks and thus limit waste.

“1.6 million tonnes of overstock food raw materials from the agri-food industry end up incinerated each year in the EU”

As agricultural yields decrease, crises mount, and inflation continues to rise, we continue to destroy stocks of raw materials due to a lack of revaluation channels.

Confronted with these problems, William and Tanguy, the two co-founders of Stokelp, decided to use their industrial expertise for a noble cause: to limit industrial waste by completely rethinking the sourcing methods of the Agri-food industry. With almost 20 years of combined experience in the food industry, the two co-founders have launched the first industrial marketplace that enables the sourcing of responsible raw materials, mostly from industrial overstock.

Faced with the challenges of climate warming, the Agri-food industry must rethink its purchasing and consumption methods to adapt to the challenges of tomorrow. By reducing its waste and buying more responsibly, it can continue to feed the planet without damaging it.

Our values


We can't make a process more virtuous if we don't make it 100% transparent, that's what drives us at Stokelp. Whether it's about traceability or our remuneration models, everything is transparent at Stokelp!


Let's use what we already have before producing new goods. Let's not waste raw materials when they can be used by someone else.


Digital is good, but human is better! At Stokelp, we are convinced that digital can revolutionize our ways of doing things, however, you will always have an expert by your side, to accompany you and to build a relationship that we believe is essential.